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Depending on your country, I offer the possibility to order high quality fine art prints, canvas prints and lots of other articles with my images.
All offered work is made with professional Nikon equipment, two D800 36Mpx cameras and their best lenses. Learning photography on slides about 15 years ago, today my goal is to produce the image in the field, not in post-processing. Making use of low ISO settings (I barely use higher than ISO 800), short distance to my subject from planned settings with hides, I’m able to offer very high quality images, mostly uncropped, but always larger than 3800px on the longest side of the image. All images are post processed on 100%, free of chromatic abberation, dust and barely any noise.

Bezoekers uit Nederland kunnen mijn werk bestellen op Werk aan de Muur.
Mijn laatste werk kunt u hier bekijken: Mijn laatste werk op 500px.com
Sinds vele jaren deel ik ook mijn kennis over de ijsvogel op de uitgebreide website www.ijsvogels.nl.

Si vous êtes intéressé dans mon travail, s’il vous plaît visitez la boutique web suivant où vous pouvez acheter mon travail dans votre pays: Mes photos sur toile
Mon dernier travail peut être trouvé ici: Mon dernier travail sur 500px.com

Wenn Sie in meiner Arbeit interessiert sind, besuchen Sie bitte die folgende Web-Shop, wo man meine Arbeit in Ihrem Land kaufen: Meine Fotos auf Leinwand
Meine neueste Arbeit finden Sie hier: Meine letzte Arbeit an 500px.com

Visitors from the UK can order my work at Photo4me.
My latest work can be found here: My latest work on 500px.com

Visitors from all other countries can order my work at Fine Art America.
My latest work can be found here: My latest work on 500px.com

If you have any trouble with ordering my work, if you are missing an image you would like to order, or for any other ideas, suggestion or information feel free to contact me:

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