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My latest work I shot with a new tool I start to love more and more, it is the Agnos Jumbo MultiBigShoot Plus. That’s a mouth full, for sure. The Agnos JMBS is a bracket specially made for the Nikkor (Nikon) PC-E lenses, also known as tilt-shift lenses. I’m lucky enough to own two of them, the 24mm and the 85mm version. Lately I’ve discovered the beauty of shooting panoramic landscapes and the use of these tilt-shift lenses for this is really great. To create a panoramic image you can shift the lens to the left, shoot an image, shift to the middle, shoot an image and shoot to the right and (I think you guessed it) shoot an image. In Photoshop (p.e.) you can stitch the three images together for a beautiful panorama. In my case, I shoot with a Nikon D800, the result is a stunning 55 Megapixel file.
However, there is one disadvantage of this technique, and that is where the Agnos JMBS comes in place. When your camera is placed on your tripod and you move the tilt-shift lens, you get errors due to the parallax effect. You can easily see what this means by holding your finger in front of you and look at it with first your left eye closed, then your right eye closed. This effect can give you some big problems when stitching images with the subject near to the camera.
When using the Agnos JMBS, the tilt-shift lens is placed on the tripod and the camera moves. No matter how close your subject is to the camera, you will always have images completely free of parallax errors!

More to come soon!

An image created with the Agnos Jumbo MultiBigShot Plus for my website